Al-Gannas continues inspiring younger generations about falconry

Al-Gannas has continued its educational vision to strengthen falconry in the hearts of the younger generation as an integral part of the heritage fabric of the Qatari identity. Al-Gannas received at its headquarters (the Burg’) located in the cultural valley Katara a number of school trips of different age stages. Students reviewed the importance of falconry, and the role of the Al-Gannas to preserve, strengthen and increase the public interest in the area. the studentes were also familiarized with Al-Gannas’ activities and tournaments, and invited students to participate in “Alm’zap” competition organized by the Al-Gannas annually as a special education and training course on the desert. Al-Gannas has also participated in the exhibition held by the Halima Al-Sa’dyya kindergarten, due to its belief that falconry is culture that transcends age.


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