The Eighth Qatar International Falcons and Hunting Festival 2017


Al-Gannas Society

Place: Messaid (Sealine) – Sabkhat Marmi

Date: 1/1/2017 – 28/1/2017

Free Entry


Overview of Qatar International Festival of Falcons and hunting:
The Qatar International Festival of falcons and hunting is one of the largest festivals in the specialized field of falcons and hunting in the region. The event was marked by unlimited support, strong competition and the mass audience. A wide range of falconers from the Gulf Region did participate in the festival.

The festival organized yearly under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Joan bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani since its inception in 2010.

The Qatar International Falcons and Hunting Festival Committee is preparing the launching of the fourth edition of this festival, in Al-Gannas Society at Katara a



Festival tournaments:

1 –  The International Competition Almazaain
2 –  Haddad El Tahadee competition, local
3 –  Da’o Competition Local (Juvenile Saker Falcon)
4 –  Da’o Competition  Local (Adult Saker Falcon)
5 –  Da’o Competition  Local (Adult Peregrine Falcon)
6 –  Da’o international competition (Saker Falcon) Juvenile + Adult

7 –  Da’o International Competition  (Peregrine Falcon)+ Adult

8 –   Local Altalie competition
9 – Young falconer from 6 to 10 years
10-  Youth falconer competition from 11 to 15 years
11 – Local Greyhound Haddad El Saluqi Competition



Festival objectives:


1- Achieve Qatar National Vision 2030 of the balance between meeting the immediate needs and the requirements of preserving the environment and Falconry heritage.
2- Urge young people to preserve the wildlife and protect Falcons endanger species.
3- Direct and educate young people to maintain the identity of the Qatar Falconry traditions.
4- Positive investment of youth free time.
5- Discover talents and inspired excellence in the fields of falconry and hunting.
6- Achieve communication between the falconers in the region, and the     amalgamation and the exchange of experiences.
7- Preserve the popular Falconry in heritance.



Falconry is an important part of the Qatari heritage, dating back to the country’s Bedouin roots preserved through the years, it’s a hobby rooted in the Qatari society passed from one generation to another, celebrating this noble creature honoring the values of loyalty, courage and perseverance.

It is exercised by many people following the a tradition of the ancestors, as for thousands of years, falconry was a well-known practice in the region, and so far, it is still an essential part of the cultural heritage in Qatar, which makes breeding and training skills of these birds important to strengthen the Qatari society link with its history.


For further details: Katara – Building No 33.

For more information;

Phone: 00974 44081850

Fax:    00974 44081747

Email: info@algannas.net

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