Festival tournaments:

1 –  The International Competition Almazaain
2 –  Haddad El Tahadee competition, local
3 –  Da’o Competition Local (Juvenile Saker Falcon)
4 –  Da’o Competition  Local (Adult Saker Falcon)
5 –  Da’o Competition  Local (Adult Peregrine Falcon)
6 –  Da’o international competition (Saker Falcon) Juvenile + Adult

7 –  Da’o International Competition  (Peregrine Falcon)+ Adult

8 –   Local Altalie competition
9 – Young falconer from 6 to 10 years
10-  Youth falconer competition from 11 to 15 years
11 – Local Greyhound Haddad El Saluqi Competition


Almazzain Championship:

It’s an international competition for the classification of the most beautiful Falcons participating in this competition, it has an ad hoc committee working in a  certain standards governing the beautifulness and the aesthetic of the Falcons.

AlDa’o Championship:

The standpoint of this competition is by measuring the launching speed of the Falcon for a distance of 400 meters. Both Locals and International participants can register in this competition in both categories Saker Falcon & Peregrine Falcon (Juvenile +Adult).


Altalee Championship:

This competition depends on the strength of the Falcon’s observation and sightseeing of the prey using Houbara bustard which will be placed on the electronic device.  The Houbara will be positioned one kilometer far from the Falcons and will be moved by remote control.

Haddad ElTahadee Championship:

This competition is allocated for Juvenile Peregrine Falcon, and start by releasing a dove, by the dove carrier and the Falcon will try to catch it or surround it in one place, by this the Falcon will win QR. 100,000 as well as he will be qualified for the finals and will compete against the Lexus car.

  Little Falconer Championship:

This competition depends on asking group of questions related to Falcons and Falconry, the competition aims to discover the talent in the young falconers.


Haddad El-Saluqis Championship:

In this competition only the authentic Arabian Saluki (non-hybrid) are accepted to be registered.  A deer “gazelle” will be hanged on a special car the Saluki must chase the gazelle the full distance (till end of the race).  The distance of the race is 2km.

55 2

“Best Maqid” Competition 

Comptetion to evaluate and assess the best farming and growing environment of the Falcons.

Tournament of falcons refreshing

Society organizes refresher hunting championship for the Hawks to encourage the training of falcons and rehabilitating and maintaining fitness of the bird.

325 Replies to “Competitions”

  1. ive heard about the logo making contest the rules said that it should be submitted here in your competition page but I cant figure out how i will attache my entry here so instead there’s another email address in the poster and emailed it there. I hope i did it right if not please let me know the correct way to send it coz tomorrow is the deadline. thanks

  2. hi, i couldn’t find options here to submit my LOGO design for Qatar International Falcons & Hunting Festival. Hence i submit my art work through email address mentioned in the advertisement (

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