UNESCO organization has incorporated  Falconry in the of 2010 UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list, and the countries involved in this tradition are: Qatar , Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and the Syrian Arab Republic , Morocco and Belgium , the Czech Republic , Spain , France and the Republic of Korea and Mongolia . According to the text, falconry “has become associated with the spirit of friendship and participation, more than as a source of livelihood. Mainly concentrated along the lines of migration and pathways. Practiced by people of all ages, amateur or pro. Breeders to develop a strong relationship hawks and spiritual bond with their birds, ” . Falconry and transmitted from generation to generation, where educators accompany their children with them when going out for fishing to be trained to control the bird and establish a relationship of trust with him. As stated in the UNESCO site also Falconry is a “base for a wider cultural heritage, includes traditional costumes, food, songs, music, poetry and dances” .


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